The Beautiful Figurative Paintings of Ginette Beaulieu

Born in 1954, Ginette Beaulieu is a Canadian painter who uses mostly charcoals and oils.

Find out more about her.

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Which is your favorite?

16 thoughts on “The Beautiful Figurative Paintings of Ginette Beaulieu

  1. I like number 16 best. While number two is also a painting of a woman with a bird nest in her hair, her expression seems to be one of a barely contained giggle, but number sixteen is different. Her sly expression suggests that she’s thinking “That’s right. I have a birds nest in my hair and it’s sexy. Bet you didn’t think that was possible. Now you know better.” Number sixteen opens the imagination. I first envisioned a comical scenario, where some man, enticed by her bold style, begins to make advances only to get slapped as he tries to move in for a kiss. “What are you doing,” she scolds him, “you’ll disturb the babies!”

  2. They are all beautiful, but there’s something about #4 that kept drawing me back to her. She looks like the sort of character I’d like in one of my novels — a bit quirky and characterful. I’d also feel comfortable in her company, if I was to meet her. #19 is my second favourite, but in a different way.

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