50-Word Stories #127

© Leonid Afremov
© Leonid Afremov

The tempest roared and thundered.

The yacht was sinking.

On the deck, the newlyweds were arguing.

‘Save yourself!’ he shouted, pointing at the lifeboat.

There was room only for one.

‘Hell no!’ she cried. ‘Let’s drown together!’

They kissed. He took her hand. She nodded.

They jumped into the sea.

18 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #127

  1. She should have used the boat and he could have held on, still in the water, that is, if there werer no sharks nearby. Of course, that doesn’t fit with the story, I realize that. Besides, why only a one-person lifeboat?

    1. If Millie falls into the sea, a boy with a hat shall forsake his quill and jump after her to save her, and since he does not know how to swim, he will clutch her arm and they will either drown together or be carried away to some deserted island where they can feed upon some exotic fruit and live in a cave.

  2. Why did they jump when the yacht was already sinking? They could’ve spent the last few, precious minutes in each other’s arms, eh Vincent?

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