The Oil Paintings of Andrei Belichenko

(Click on any image to enlarge.)

Andrei Belichenko is a Russian painter born in 1974 in Kazahstan. I believe that the black-haired woman who appears in many of his portraits is his wife. Visit his official website:

Which is your favorite?

16 thoughts on “The Oil Paintings of Andrei Belichenko

  1. Maxfield Parrish meets photo realism. I prefer the “classicist” subjects to the contemporary ones, though they are all wonderfully executed. Love the one of the woman sitting on the fence and looking out toward the mountains.

  2. Brilliant paintings. The thing that is remarkable is the way he has exquisitely played with the sunlight, how it sits perfectly on her lap.
    My favorites would be #10, #8 and #15. I like the idea behind #15.
    Which one is your favorite?

  3. wow i love your posts my favorite one is #15 dress is so beautiful painted with just the correct lines perfect. which is your favorite one?

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