Work > Love

Man at work painting

Love is like cake,

Work is like bread and water.

You cannot live on cake.

If you try to, you become a diabetic,

And you die.


Love is best enjoyed after work.

Work keeps you alive,

And feeds you,

And clothes you,

And provides you with shelter.

If you work you live,

If you don’t, you die.


If you love you are happy or sad,

Depending on events that often are beyond your control.

Whether you love or not, life goes on,

Provided that you work.

Lonely, sad, unhappy,

But alive.

People don’t die of broken hearts, except in plays.


And if you keep working, love will eventually come to you

A colleague, a boss, a customer,

A stranger you meet in a restaurant during lunch hour

Or at a bar, in the evening, on your way home from work.

So it goes.


Work first,

Love after.

And if the person you love distracts you from your work,

Goodbye, farewell, adieu!

Time to find someone new.


PS: I don’t remember why or when I wrote this curious composition but it probably had something to do with an English teacher.

What is more important for you, your career or love?


26 thoughts on “Work > Love

  1. Love is more important to me. But since the person I love loves someone else, I work a lot. If, however, that person loved me back, I would still need to work to be happy.

  2. I think you can have it all, the right person to love and the right job to help you build a wonderful life together.
    But I still enjoyed you post. 🙂

  3. Man cannot live on cake alone! Speaking of diet and life, I recently ran across a bumper sticker that said, “Eat healthy or die.” Perhaps the writer made a typo and it was suppose to read “Eat healthy and die a little later.”

  4. The love of my family and what I give to them is important. I would LOVE to have a career that enjoy. Sometimes I hate what I do, that I become bitter and take my attitude home. I’m working on changing that.

  5. I’ve always thought if you worked and got your life in order as much as possible, everything else will come in its own time.

  6. This is very clever. I better read this to friends when they go through heartbreaks. Just to remind them that life goes on, with or without a love interest. 😉

  7. Both of them are essential but work is the winner.
    I feel, work makes love last. Work keeps it exciting.
    Great post!

  8. I cannot agree less… Love. Love always comes first. But then… I’m a romantic fool that believes in only one true love. It’s true, most people don’t die of broken hearts. However if believing in true love, you may never be as happy again as you were with the one you gave up for work. Work that you’ll find anywhere.

  9. I love reading your work, even the old ones, there’s just something special in every work that you’ve done and I would love to do the same one day.

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