Summer Writing

A Fine Summer Day

I dislike summer with its blistering sun and burning concrete streets and hot dusty winds and torrid stillness and noisy nights, but I must admit that it’s a great season for staying indoors and writing and reading all day long.

Golden sunny mornings are a treat, especially when you have a nice blue patch of sky above your residence, with a few curious clouds drifting on it.

The sunlight lasts for over 15 hours, up until 21:00 (9 PM) in Romania, and that means healthy writing and reading all summer long. No need for tiresome electric light.

A lazy spirit is floating in the air, and even if you are not on vacation, you cannot help but breathe it in. Summer is one big holiday, even when you’re working.

The intake of (heavy) food is limited because of the heat, and that almost eliminates after-eating drowsiness which slows down writing, or worse, invites a catnap.

All the lovely women wear insufficient clothing. Need inspiration, look through the window! (Many fit men go shirtless, so women writers are invited to the windows too.)

And the moony summer nights, though often noisy, will surely bring you literary dreams, or at least some flashes of inspiration.

And then there’s also the joy of ice-cream. For you, but not for me. I am the unfortunate owner of peculiar tonsils. At present, my left tonsil has the appearance of a ripe cheery, being twice the size of her sister. No worries though! It’s summer. All is well…

Do you like summer?

11 thoughts on “Summer Writing

  1. As always, a beautifully written post. Summer is my favourite season. It must be lovely to have 15 hours of sunlight. Hope your tonsil feels better!

  2. Cute post. Summer was never really that amazing to me, but summer, for quite many years, meant vacation, and vacation is always better than school!

  3. All the lovely women wear “insufficient clothing.” Ha! You do have a way with words, dear hatted boy, you certainly do. Unless I am on a boat, I do not like summer. Summer means endless days of sunshine and blistering heat in Northern California. There is no respite except during the middle of the night, when I *should* be sleeping but am often out wandering under the stars. It is a tragic time of year for those who like to exercise outdoors. It is also terribly boring! I like variety, even regarding the weather.

    Alas, with air-conditioning, you are right. Summer is a nice time for reading and writing. I suppose one must find the positive in something.

  4. Dear Vincent. I have this peculiar image of you as a waif phebe full of pulchritude with esoteric powers only unleashed by the POWER OF PEN.
    Aside from that though, i’ve begun a summer story that I PRAY to complete by September. And yes, many lovely muscular creatures cross my path in the summer. God bless the summer. SO many innumerable things can occur during its reign.

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