9 Signs That You Are Becoming a Writer

Painting of a woman writing.

Sometimes you have no idea where you are going, but you know you are making progress, because as you walk you see the trees move away from you.


Writing is a daily habit, like eating or sleeping. I wake up and I write. Or during the day, I have an idea and I write. I no longer have to force myself to write, like I had to a year ago.


In your spare time you would rather write than do anything else. The prospect of seeing a film is not as appealing as it used to be, not when the story awaits on the desk, unfinished.


Solitude does not bother you. There are days when I do not talk to anyone for up to 12-16 hours.


When you want to understand your thoughts and emotions you write about them. These days I feel that thinking on paper – as I call writing about my thoughts and emotions – is the only clear way of thinking.


Your eyesight is getting worse. I do not have to wear glasses full-time yet, but it’s only a matter of time before I do.


When reading, you spot sentences that you could have written better yourself. This is enjoyable, especially when the author is famous.


You feel proud when you recommend yourself as a writer to a person of the opposite sex. ‘Hello, I am Vincent and I am a writer.’ ‘A writer? Do you mean journalist? You write for newspapers?’ ‘No, I write stories, I mean I am not famous yet, but I hope to be in the near future.’ ‘How cool! I like stories…’


Your acquire peculiar habits. I talk to myself aloud about literary things when I think nobody is hearing. I  dip my hands in hot water to warm them before writing


You are no longer shocked when you read what you have written the day before, only distressed. Two years ago, each time I read what I had written on the previous day, I wept. Today, when I read what I wrote yesterday, I only hang my head and sigh.

(This post was first published last year.)

What other signs would you add to this list?

122 thoughts on “9 Signs That You Are Becoming a Writer

      1. They are my breakfast staple. Nothing starts a day out correctly than something that is so happy that it’s name is “Cheerios” 🙂

      1. My son just developed a gluten intolerance. I was hoping that would help him stop drinking beer, but, darn-it-all, they make gluten free beer (at twice the price)

    1. By the way, you’ve asked about my story in my previous post… I cannot reply in that one anymore.

      It’s the story of a moonbeamed painter. I cannot say more!

      I will give you the first chapter to read when it’s done, if you want. 🙂

  1. you go to bed at 10 but dont sleep until 1, having to keep reaching for the pen and paper beside your bed to jot down the haphazard bits and pieces of your thoughts that when dipped into the night, fester like a growing wound.

    1. Get an audio recorder! Some versions of the iPod have one.

      PS: I still think you eat children, gypsy girl. If I meet you on the street I’ll run.

      1. Clever gypsy girl. I hope you did not find my edit improper. 🙂

        To make amends I have just sent you another invisible gift, as well as a band of troubadours to sing you serenades. They should appear under your window any time now.

        I’ll cut the part with the kissing, though not that with the hugging.

        1. thank you fedora boy, that was a delightful performance. before returning to my chambers, i arranged for the cook to serve the young folks some light supper before they make their way back home in this warm summer night.

          all is well.

  2. I’m still waiting for the invisible gift. However, I must respond to this post.
    Yes. I am a writer. Except – #4, when there are times when I’d rather commune with nature, or other such things. I get a great deal of comfort through this as well as a clear view, so to speak.
    #7 – I finally identify myself as a writer, however, it matters not whether the individual I write or speak with is of the same sex or opposite. My biggest problem is when I say, “Hi, my name is Vincent.” I just can’t pull it off. 😀

  3. Do you write for the pride or for the pleasure?
    What would you feel if for any reason, not decided by you, you wouldn’t be able to write anymore?

    Nice comments! I especially like the one from Kip Light.

    1. I write for pleasure, but also for pride. There are not that many hat-wearing writers around.

      I will suffer an internal combustion.

      Do you eat Cheerios too?

  4. 12. You unearth your child’s “Yak Back” to dictate the flashes of brilliance or nonsense before they are forgotten in the daily routine, smiles.
    A great piece, fun comments!

  5. Have you ever thought of having something published? I consider it constantly and I write obsessively. I begin to think I enjoy writing far more than the idea of having it behind a hard cover and on shelves. I wonder if my sentiments are shared.

    PS: I love your hat.

    1. First I write the story. I don’t think about publishing it so long as it’s mine, and I write it daily. But when I am ready to abandon it, and move on, I will consider publishing it, if it’s worth anything. Sometimes I think that a book that is not published is like a love letter never sent.

      PS: Thanks! I am susceptible to compliments about my hat.

    1. Millie, I wanted to impress you with a comparison between breathing and the motion of a swing, but I can’t find the right words now.

      PS: I like your poems and the images you chose for them.

  6. Random “alone” moments like commuting on a bus or waiting on a long queue at the grocery store compel you to ruminate at thoughts in your muted brain.

  7. Vincent, considering english is your second language, you write it better than many I know your age who were born to it.
    Great blog. I hope you have great success!
    Could you put a Post-It note on the invisible gift so I can find it? That’s how Wonder Woman finds her invisible jet. Kooky I know, but hey, seems to work for her!

  8. I panic when I am outside and suddenly realize I have nothing to write on. Also, taking a notepad and pen to bed in case a thought strikes in the middle of the night and you’re sharing a room with someone >_<

      1. I’m sharing it with a sibling, actually 😛 but still, I can’t wake up at 3 AM, turn the lights on, and spend an hour writing inconsistencies while half awake 😀

    1. I value certain writing over others — and think “I have to write!” even if I have just written for four hours on some other project. I moan to my writerʻs group (womenspages.wordpress.com) that I havenʻt done any writing — and I mean poetry — even though I have been writing a workbook and blogs most every day for a month. I embrace such goofiness. I think about embracing it. I write a poem about it. It sucks. I feel happy anyway…. 🙂

  9. Number two I find a problem with because I have been writing for sixteen to seventeen years now, and my eye sight is still quite good. (Able to spot a flea on a black marble floor four feet away. — Seriously.)

    Number three, I have to add while it’s amusing, and I have also thought the same thing, it makes me bring up the question: Would you have been able to better word the sentence, while keeping the same meaning of the sentence and all of those around it the same?

  10. #9, sir… #9.

    I re-read a few essays I wrote that were raved about by my professors and wondered why. “Are their expectations THAT low,” I thought.

    A writer must be his own harshest critic, for he lacks the ability to be his most honest critic.

    1. ‘A writer must be his own harshest critic, for he lacks the ability to be his most honest critic.’ What a clever thing you’ve said Amedeo Marian.

  11. I’ve become unhealthily jealous of your writing. It’s apparent you have discipline unlike myself. Oh and yes of course you bite, you female black widow bite-killing spider.

    1. Rest assured Danielle: discipline is a good substitute for talent.

      If I were a spider Elizabeth, you would be the first I would bite. 🙂

      PS: Each time you leave a comment here I see a shooting star fall from the sky. Isn’t that queer?

      1. I’ve always wanted to be bitten by a spider like yourself. Yes, I think that is queer, very queer and very lovely. P.S. you are a medieval old man trapped in a boys body.

  12. mmm hmm. Indeed I am a writer. When I think of lines of poetry on the spot in my head as I walk, but not quick enough to write it down. I do that way too often. 🙂 Great post.

  13. Shall I rise to the bait to protest? Dizzy, you say? Aha. You wouldn’t be the first one to choose such a silly adjective. Dizzy. And yet, I like your list. Perhaps I am drunk?

  14. I’d have to say i’ve become a third wheel since beginning to write, and i’m a frequent visitor of wonderland. I STARE at people and reinvent their histories, I oscillate between eloquence and complete metaphoric gibberish,and i prefer writing in the earliest hours of the morning ( 3- 5 am)

    1. You mean you want to write me something that you want nobody else to see? How exciting! Use the contact form, and I’ll get back to you right away. 🙂

  15. Sometimes you read what you wrote a little while back and you are amazed it came through your fingers!

    Beau…tiful writing.
    Thanks for liking my post -The Mad Village Poet.

  16. Haha, so true! I think most of these apply to all types of creative activities. I experience all this with jewellery making, for instance. Regarding 3) – so true 😦 Having a fling with creative writing, I find reading far less pleasant these days, I keep thinking about what Stephen King stated in “On writing” about “swifties”, “verbs on steroids” and adverbs…. Good luck with your writing. BTW – you’re writing on paper? whoa, that’s rare!

    1. I write on paper daily, but I write more on my laptop.

      Red shoes! Believe it or not, I have a pair of pink boots from another time. I wore them thrice.

      I always wanted an earring shaped like a scorpion dangling from its tail… Will you make me one in about 15 years, once I reach a respectable age?

  17. That is excellent!!! Thank you for posting, I recognise myself in everyone of the things you list. My own extras are a need to clear/clean the desk beforehand, carrying a notepad or entering notes in the phone, sometimes a word, sometimes more but losing nothing. Everything I overhear or notice is capable of becoming a story or a poem…..

  18. I agree with the eyesight… I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 6, musta been a writer then too! I write everything.. i write things in my head when i’m driving, that should be up there. great post. beware.. I’m stalking your blog. You might receive many comments from me in the next hour or so

  19. Well it looks like I’m certainly on my way to writerdom. I love how you described movement, by the way. You’re such an excellent writer! I love reading your posts.

  20. Loved this! Number six made me laugh out loud, number nine freaked me a little because I could’ve written that word for word – except I still do weep, sometimes, though sighing and head hanging has become the default.

  21. I noticed you can afford to donate to charity a dollar for every follower. PLease name the cahrity so I can remove following , the dollar if I don’t agree with the charity. Not very responsible to make people a part of what they do not know. It just looks like “look what you did” emotional guilt trip thing. So name the charity please. Because if it is a tithe or rebel cause I will not follow.

  22. Do you wear your hat as you write? Some would recommend it. Writing is all about travelling, isn’t it? Journeying between conscious and subconscious territories. A hat can come in handy at such times: different ones for different terrains? Just a thought.

  23. I certainly talk to myself alot, trying out how the words fit together. I’m worst when I’m in the shower or driving the car.

  24. I can relate to all of these, dear Vincent. As for number eight, I am reading this right now sitting with my feet in my kitchen sink. If that’s not peculiar, I don’t know what is.

  25. I would add: when I see certain people I start to think of them as characters and either picture how they could add to a story I already have or make a new story around them

  26. I first knew I was insane *ahem* I mean, a writer, when I started talking to myself during my daily dog walks. I would traipse along the path with my poodle, and basically hold conversations between fictional characters out loud. The dog was integral to my plot — that way, if someone snuck up the path without me noticing, I could pretend I was talking to my dog, which is far less weird than talking to yourself, as I understand it. Hurrah for writers and their foibles!

  27. Number 5 is the one that can relate to the most. Almost always when I’ve written down something that I can’t quite understand, I find that it releases some of the stress away. It’s like therapy.

  28. I love this. I am still somewhat surprised when I finish a particular piece of writing. I still think, ‘I can’t believe I wrote that.’ haha. And picking up peculiar habits got me laughing. I think we all have quirks, just some more than others. 🙂

  29. This is so gorgeous. I have been grinning like an idiot since number 1 up to the last knowing that I am this but at the same time considering that if you were someone “normal” you’d find all these in a person odd. Your thoughts are gorgeous.. I’ve been reading your posts. I cant even sum up the number of the word gorgeous I can come up with to calculate your gorgeousness.

  30. -> You feel like you might go mad if you don’t write.
    -> The world feels senseless if you do not write.

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