Introducing Matilda

matilda aMatilda is a happy cactus that sits all day on the windowsill or on my desk, looking pretty. She’s a perfect listener. I share with her my thoughts and ideas, and she always listens patiently.

matilda b

Pretty she is, but she’s also though. She needs only sunlight, and every two weeks, a bit of water from the tap. Sometimes I water her with my tears, shed because of mean hatted women.

matilda c

So far Matilda is doing well. She will probably keep coexisting with me for many years. That is good, for I have much to learn from her: patience, self-sufficiency, yellowness.

matilda d

(Republished. This was one of my first posts.)

18 thoughts on “Introducing Matilda

  1. Plants & pets can be the best listeners most of the time. I like that your cactus is 2 different colors. 🙂

      1. Haha. I will, right now. But it would be even better if you collect for me one of your tears in a vial, and send the vial to me. Flowers watered with tears are the most beautiful.

      1. Find some ladies you think would look good in a hat, and send them some, like flowers, with a lovely card attached to them from you, their secret admirer. Ask them to wear it to a cafe and meet them there secretly..

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