Let’s Talk About… Your Toothbrush

Is it colorful?

Does it have an easy-to-grip handle?

A tongue and cheek cleaner?

Fancy circular bristles that clean even “the inaccessible spaces between the teeth?”

Or even better, charcoal bristles?

Maybe it’s electric and does most of the work for you.

(Not that you couldn’t manage without the electric motor, right?)

And don’t you wake up with it every morning?

And take leave of it every night, before going to bed?

In other words, isn’t your toothbrush a small big deal in your life?

Trouble is, your toothbrush is probably made from plastic.

And it’s not going to decompose in the next 400 years or so.

Or get recycled.

Because, you know, a world in the grip of a pandemic has better things to do than recycle toothbrushes.

Just imagine the billions of toothbrushes we throw away every day.

They contribute to the plastic fever and cough that choke landfills worldwide.

Your toothbrush is a bigger environmental problem than you think.

Part of the problem is that it’s so small and negligible.

It’s one of those little things that we always take for granted.

Like the plastic bottle or the paper cup or the plastic food wrapping.

Some of us may not give our teeth much of a thought

until a tooth or two starts to protest

(after all, appreciating the state of not having a toothache takes some Zen practice)

much less do we care about our brushes.

I certainly didn’t until I realized that there are better alternatives out there.

Meet my first bamboo toothbrush…

A bamboo toothbrush is better than a plastic one because it is biodegradable.

Bamboo is not really a true wood but a plant that grows very fast.

Yes, the bristles are still mostly plastic, but we’re reducing the problem.

My bamboo toothbrush makes me a little happier each morning.

And no, I don’t have any shares in the bamboo toothbrush industry.

I don’t promote a particular brand either–the one I use is just one example.

I just wish I knew about bamboo toothbrushes earlier.

A bamboo toothbrush will make your smile so much more attractive.

Try it and you’ll see.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… Your Toothbrush

  1. Great. Congrats &all the very best. with more than 1600 species and over 10000 uses bamboo if wisely used can play a crucial role for the post covid world . Sharing.
    #bamboo,#postcovidworld, #ResponsibleEcosystemGovernance.

    #sukhodayaglobalnetwork for #integratedsustainabledevelopment

  2. Bamboo one can use as toothbrush, toothpaste, tea, food or noodles as morning breakfast, podding or pickle or rice for lunch, mobile stand, laptop , furniture, utensils, clothes, paper, roofing , wall or floor tiles and many other use.

  3. My sister has one and keeps convincing me to get one too. She is on this subscription thingy where they send you a new one once yours gets too raggedy to keep using. Some cultures use the bark of a certain tree and apparently it has great antibacterial properties. Anyway I digress. This is a great thing to raise awareness of. Easily changed too in people’s lifestyles with minimum disruption!

  4. I don’t use a bamboo toothbrush, but I pick a toothbrush made of recyclable plastic – I find it incredibly important to show support to brands that are trying to give a new life to plastic that is already in circulation 🙂

  5. If you want to actually save the planet, don’t ever fly again or have kids. These are thousands of times worse than the plastic waste of a toothbrush. Maybe it makes you feel good that you’re doing you’re not but you’re not. It’s just for your ego

  6. The planet doesn’t need any saving, Sarah. Nature cannot be destroyed. It’s just the future of our species that remains to be determined. Nature will do fine without us as it did for billions of years before we appeared. Choosing a non-plastic toothbrush (or one made from recycled plastic) is a lot easier than not flying or not having kids–for most people at least. Plastic toothbrushes add about 50 million pounds of waste to landfills in the US every year, that’s a lot heavier than your argument–or my ego.

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