50-Word Stories #138

(c) Jean Bradbury

The little boy sneaked into the orchard and scrambled up the tall cherry tree.

The branches poked him in the ribs.

The wind buffeted him.

Up he climbed, undaunted, toward the ripest cherries.


The boy lay sprawled on the grass, gazing at the victorious cherries, so high, so distant…


PS: This is my answer to my own challenge:

Image: (c) Jean Bradbury


51 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #138

  1. I’ve always loved your blog. But, ever since I attempted to write my own 50 word story , my admiration for yours has increased by ten fold! Here’s an invisible thinking hat as a token of appreciation!

      1. Forgive me, kind sir. If you truly want to know…

        If the ball makes its way into the mitt (which is also called a “glove”) it is a good thing for Jason and not the pranking “baseball god”.

        I will humbly keep trying…

  2. Aw, this is pretty sad if the poor boy is forever surrendered to a wheelchair :/
    He’ll get there in time.

  3. So close yet so far! Came across the writing challenge on Daily Post and decide to give it a shot. I love flash fiction 😀

  4. I just wanted to thank you for the fifty word challenge. It was a refreshing step away from the lengthy, over explained essays that I often feel inclined to write. I didn’t feel that I had to commit myself for a long period of time, and this took away much of the writing inhibition that I often feel and kept me feeling passionate about the task at hand.

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