A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #81

Girl with Red Hair

Ksenia was walking on the street taking fancy photos when a hatted bumped into her. He stole her camera and ran. Ksenia ran after him, but she could not catch him.

Next day Ksenia found on her doormat a peculiar note:

Willing to exchange the camera for cheeky pink eyeglasses!

18 thoughts on “A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #81

  1. Ahahaha! Awww! haha! Yay, thank you! I smiled and laughed and blushed – the very first artwork that’s dedicated to me 😀 You made my day, hatted 😉

      1. You ask me cause you think I am or you wish I am?
        As a Christmas present I can be lil jealous :P.

        I really like Ksenia’s gravatar! Very intriguing and feminine. You got to admit, Vinc, even though not inky, still gorgeous:).

        1. Is not this the best time of the year for wishing?

          But I did admit that inky is not the only commendable hair color when I wrote this story. 🙂

          I am counting the days until my Christmas present!

          (I even told Matilda about it!)

              1. My conclusion is that Ksenia should provide a triple bicycle (I have heard that Amsterdam is full of bicycles, so procuring one shouldn’t be financially or practically inconvenient) and invite Julie and me for a bicycle ride on cobbled streets. Preferably in the springtime, or when Julie is on holiday.

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