A 50-Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #50

Painting of gypsy woman with child

When the gypsies set up their colorful tents outside the village, the villagers hid their children.

‘Gypsies steal children,’ they told their little ones.

Two weeks later the gypsies left, and the children were allowed again outside. They wanted to play with their cats, but all the cats were gone.

8 thoughts on “A 50-Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #50

  1. Ha. That was great.

    Like out of your most favorite book.
    I heard that the gypsies left a telescope though in return for the cats; and in the next town, the children all came out to find their parents gone, and the gypsies left the children lots of chocolate cakes. And they were very happy.


  2. Yes, we did have Gypsies in town when I was a kid and we were told that they would steal children. I never bought that story but was a little more careful around them!

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