A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #45

Painting of a tower

The castle  had fallen, and the attackers poured in. The keep was soon on fire. Seeing it burn, the princess in the tower knew her parents had been slain. She opened the window and climbed on the windowsill. She waited until she heard footsteps on the staircase. Then she jumped.

16 thoughts on “A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #45

      1. I know! 🙂 It’s like listening to good blues. The feeling of being punched in the gut with a velvet glove. That’s how an old cowboy poet I know used to describe it.

          1. Hey, thanks for the thoughtful reply! 😉
            Actually, I have a photograph of a cross that I took and is in one of my blog posts, Orick, I think. The crosses have names on them and a rhododendron is planted behind each cross.
            I just wondered. I will find out sooner or later!

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