A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #22

Apple and arrow

The knights tied Danny to the oak, placed a red apple on his head, and scattered. His father walked one hundred paces away from the tree, turned, drew his longbow, aimed, and released the arrow. It was a windy day. Danny saw the arrow coming fast, and closed his eyes.

21 thoughts on “A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #22

        1. That sounds great! I post my stories on working days, so I will post yours on Saturday or Sunday.

          Send me when it’s done. And make sure it’s great, like many of the stories you’ve posted on your blog! If you add an image (painting) it would be great. 🙂

    1. How about you write a 50-word story as well Julia? I’d love that. I can post it Sunday!

      PS: On the theme: Women with hats are so hard to please! I will test this theme for a week – I have checked 190 or so themes available, including the ones you’ve proposed. If not, I’ll change back to the default and keep that one.

      PPS: Do you happen to see in your Blogs I’ve Read feed a post of mine called ‘What is a writer?’ it doesn’t show in my feed and I suspect it has not appeared there after I’ve posted it, for some curious reason.

      1. I read the What is a writer? post yesterday, (which was very well written) so it definitely appeared for some period of time and I was surprised to find it was missing today. Perhaps finding a draft of it and posting it again might help.

          1. There’s an awful lot of countryside, but Ireland is not just green. It is nature’s playground, the scenery is a magnificent blend of not just greens but yellows, oranges and purples. As for the people, I’ve never met a green woman before. 🙂

      2. Me?? Oh, dear! I don’t know if I have the necessary skills… I could try if you’d really like that. I doubt if I’ll manage to write anything for Sunday though. I’m off to Catalonia in one day.Anyways, I’ll let you know.

        I’ve read that post yesterday and wanted to go back to it today, but didn’t find it neither. I have no such think as “Posts I’ve Read”, just “Posts I like” and it’s not there…

        1. Have a nice trip! 🙂 Maybe you can write a story when you come back, based on what peculiar things you see there.

          Do take your hat! Catalonia is hot.

    1. Maybe he was forced to do it. Or maybe he is a remarkable bowman. I bet Robin Hood did similar stuff, though I am not sure whether he had children or not…

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