Meet Beethoven–Not the One You Think

I may have a certain reputation as a cat person. In fact, a psychotherapist friend once joked with me to be careful not to become one of those “crazy cat persons”. I like to think I haven’t, at least not yet. And if there are any doubts, I think this post will dispel them.

You know how cute little dogs find a home one way or another? Well, this one certainly has found ours.

A two-months-old dog is a bit of a responsibility and am glad that he’s only 1/3 mine, if I can put it that way.

I play with Beethoven, mom and her boyfriend take it to the vet and buy him food. Think I made a good deal.

He has lots to learn about the world around him, like what to chew or not (poor flowers). But then there are many things one can learn from a little dog, too.

Like how important play is, and warmth, and contact, and attention. Some of us are wise when we speak, some when we fall silent; but then some of us are wise when we bark (or learn to bark properly).

Why Beethoven? Well, why not? My mother and her boyfriend happened to see the movie about the St. Bernard and thought it would do for a name. I’m a Moonlight sonata sort of person, so I thought it a good idea.

I also see a certain resemblance between furry Beethoven and the composer, but then maybe it’s only me? I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

See you next post!

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