The Other Cat [Three Ghostly Cat Photos]

The other cat shows up sometimes on the other side of the window. Sometimes it comes at night. Sometimes it comes early in the morning. It hides behind shadows or curtains. It looks a lot like my cat, but is it my cat? Not that I claim ownership over my cat--often, I feel that my … Continue reading The Other Cat [Three Ghostly Cat Photos]

Meet Beethoven–Not the One You Think

I may have a certain reputation as a cat person. In fact, a psychotherapist friend once joked with me to be careful not to become one of those "crazy cat persons". I like to think I haven't, at least not yet. And if there are any doubts, I think this post will dispel them. You … Continue reading Meet Beethoven–Not the One You Think

Manoli’s Three-Legged Misadventures

Imagine my alarm Wednesday morning when, just as grandmother was about to go to the hospital for surgery, I saw Manoli hobble about on three legs. Manoli is an outside cat. He is free to climb fences, conquer roofs, and meet other cats as he pleases. If one day he shows up one ear lighter, … Continue reading Manoli’s Three-Legged Misadventures