15 Wise Reasons to Keep on Blogging in 2019

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Blogging takes time and some mental effort. And because it’s often so personal, it’s not always easy. Still, blogging in 2019 may turn out to be a wise decision. Whether you feel a bit of blogging fatigue or are just hard-pressed for time, here are some compelling reasons to keep on posting this year.


You’ll meet new people and possibly make new friends around the world. Through my blog, I made friends with people in the US, Australia, India, Nigeria, Iceland, and other countries around the world. Bloggers are open-minded and welcoming – they’re great to know!


Blogging offers more substance than social media and unfolds at a slower pace. It invites you to slow down a bit and introspect, which can be a good thing, you know.


Sharing matters – whoever you are, whatever you do, your perspective and experiences can add to the sum total of the digital knowledge that blogging helps to promote. Or just give us a good laugh.


We’re in this together – most bloggers are sensitive types with a wide range of interests. And we love reading, which makes us good listeners. Sometimes it’s easier to discuss even deeply personal matters with bloggers than with those closest to home.


Your writing keeps getting better and better – even if you’re a great writer already, blogging will help keep your sentences in good shape.


You’ll keep up with the trends in your area of interest – when you blog consistently, it’s hard not to read other people’s blogs. By doing so, you stay up to date with the latest trends, those that matter to real people, not just news channels.


Make other people’s lives richer. Maybe you’re a talented poet. Or a great photographer. Or just happen to know some delicious recipes. Teach us what you know. Share with us your tips. People around here like to learn new things!


Share more of your writing with eager readers. Do you write poetry? Short stories? Essays? Publish some of them online and people continents away may read them.


Blogging can be cathartic. It can help you get something off your chest – when you confess it, when it’s out there, you feel a little lighter.


It doesn’t take all that much time, you know. Half an hour once or twice a weak can be enough. If you’re running out of inspiration, brainstorm some ideas for your blog and plan some of your posts ahead.


Can help you promote something you’ve invested time in or help you spread the word about something you care about. Built-in auto-publishing means that when you post on your blog, your post automatically gets shared on Twitter, Facebook, and other connected channels.


It’s good for your portfolio – if you work as a writer, photographer, artist, web designer, web developer, and so on, a specialized blog can help you highlight your work. Today, employers and potential clients may read your blog when considering your application.


Allows you to share your photos and writings with friends and family – and only with them, if you choose to make your blog private. Through your blog, you can create a digital meeting place for you and your family that’s more intimate than social media.


Lets you engage in learned conversations through replies and follow-up comments. Or just haha and lol at your pleasure.


Helps you document your personal experiences, including travels, accomplishments, and disappointments in a simple and well-organized way. A year or two from now, you will be able to go back and reread your blog and laugh or cry or rejoice at your 2019 self.


Will you keep on blogging in 2019? I hope so! See you around!

8 thoughts on “15 Wise Reasons to Keep on Blogging in 2019

  1. I read your post aloud for my husband who is also a blogger. We both agree on all your points and here. We also feel more connected to other bloggers worldwide and like to heighten our content by practising. I have learnt to write on one subject instead of putting too many things into the same post. Congratulations on the vast amount of followers on your blog.

  2. No. 14 made me laugh. I almost just commented “lol” and left, but then I decided otherwise.
    All relevant points, however, to me, the one that’s most important is that you stay on top of thing you’re interested in.

  3. I like numbers 5, 7, 8, and 9.

    5 – My writing has improved in probably 2 months after I have started my blog in February 2017.

    7 – I have given my readers the best information I know and hopefully they use it to their advantages.

    8 – I have combined poetry, religion, news, psychology, dating, and other topics in my blog.

    9 – I have written a few blog posts (e.g. “Why Am I Displeased with ‘Black America’?”, “Going to Ukraine”, and “Women of Africa”) that I have been so eager to finish and publish for the world to see.

    Like last year and the year prior, I would continue writing and publishing more interesting blog posts.

  4. liked your blog, i am new to this blogging world still thinking….what to start with but ur blog actually motivated me.And I m pretty sure will be able to share lot with u all.Thank u so much.

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