25 Ways to Come Up with Ideas For Your Blog

Running out of ideas for your blog? Happens to all of us sometimes. Here are some ideas that can get you unstuck.


Use the latest comments you’ve received as inspiration. Any question in there that you could turn into a post?


Check your blog stats and look at your most popular posts this year – create a new post that expands them or else presents the topic from a different angle.


Check what other blogs similar to yours are posting and write the opposite kinds of posts to stand out.


Tells us about your favorite book and what makes it your favorite book.


What’s the most significant thing that happened to you this week? Write about it.


Use a keywords tool like the Google Keywords Planner to find relevant keywords.


Write that post that you always wanted to write but that you didn’t write so far because it’s too embarrassing.


Take a photo of your room and show us where you write your posts.


Tells us about the last film you’ve seen and why we should watch it too – or avoid it.


Introduce us to your favorite dead author.


Tells us where you have been traveling lately (Or if you haven’t traveled anywhere lately, travel somewhere and write to us from there).


Remind us why you’ve chosen your site tagline in an inspirational post that sums up the vision you have for your blog.


Share with us some of the best photos from your phone.


Make a list of tips that can help us do something better. Are you really good at making curry soup? At finding cheap places to rent? At quitting your job in style? We like to learn new things.


Record a video of yourself and share it with us – if you’re not camera-shy. (You may have to upgrade your WordPress.com plan to upload your video, though, or else upload it to YouTube and share the link from there.)


Open a book at random and use the words that jump at you as the title of an almost poem.


Write on a piece of paper the two or three words that best define your blog and use them to generate new topics.


Write about what’s on your mind, even if it’s embarrassing. Do you have a crush on someone you should not have a crush on? We really want to know.


Show us what we are doing wrong because we are misinformed or steeped in egregious ignorance.


Share with us a life lesson that you learned and that it may do us good to ponder.


Write a public letter to someone if you really want to get things off your chest or only to express admiration.


Ask yourself what kind of posts your readers would like you to create next and don’t disappoint them.


Take it easy, relax, go listen to some music or do something else and let ideas for your blog come to you naturally.


Share with us your secret strategy for relaxing after a stressful day.


Explain to us what makes you do what you do or else why you want to stop doing it and do something completely different.


How else can we come up with ideas for our blog?

4 thoughts on “25 Ways to Come Up with Ideas For Your Blog

  1. This was both helpful and inspiring. I get most of my ideas from pictures taken on travels and from situations with people I meet both good and bad observations

  2. This is an excellent list. A lot of us have that special panic when we know it’s time to post. I try to stay a week ahead but most of all I try to write about things that excite me. If I’m bored, the reader will see it.

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