How to Find Topics For Your Personal Blog

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Starting a blog is easier than keeping it alive. And being a good writer is not quite enough. But there’s a way we can always come up with new topics and keep our blogs on track.

Having been here for a few years now, I’ve seen many bloggers I followed post less and less until they stopped altogether. It happens quite often. You start blogging with enthusiasm but after a while, you lose your pace. With each new post, you force yourself a little more to write. Finding time for blogging then becomes harder and harder. Your interest in your blog wanes, and before you know it, weeks and even months have passed since your last post.

Is it because we run out of topics? I don’t think it’s as easy as that. Rather, we become detached from our blogs.

If your personal blog stops being a reflection of yourself, a window into your mental and emotional life, it will likely peter out in time.

This calls for topics that are inherently yours. Impersonal topics or curated content can help you come up with more ideas and fill in the gaps. But if your blog is only a collection of ideas or news, you may lose interest in it before long.

Lately, I haven’t posted so much. Lately, I have retreated into solitude. I have been avoiding people. I have tried not to think about anything too much, and also to numb some unpleasant feelings.

So that it has become hard for me to write personal posts or share with you my experiences. Because of this, I don’t return to my blog with as much gladness as I used to.

To find new topics for your blog, you need to believe in your blog. And to believe in your blog, you need to align it with your life’s purpose. When your blog stops being a reflection of yourself, you’re only a step away from losing interest in it.

Like us, our blogs need a purpose. And this purpose is something we must constantly rediscover. It’s a purpose that may shift as our own purpose in life shifts. But we need to revisit it each time.

When you look at what’s happening in your life and what nags you, topics for your blog arise naturally. There’s always something going on in your life that’s worth investigating. If it’s not an actual event, then it may be an emotional reaction to something. These are a steady and reliable source of topics for your personal blog.


Do you keep a list of topics for your blog? Or do you always post spontaneously? 

8 thoughts on “How to Find Topics For Your Personal Blog

  1. I keep a small list but I rarely follow it. It’s just a back up. Because my blog talks about my recovery from narcissistic abuse, I am not always sure what will happen next. So I guess quite a lot of my posts are spontaneous. At first I blogged twice a week but now I only blog once a week.

  2. “If your personal blog stops being a reflection of yourself, a window into your mental and emotional life, it will likely peter out in time.” Ditto.
    Such spot on remarks.
    I am usually spontaneous. However, sometimes I make a list for when I need ideas. The thing is that I don’t always feel it later, so often times the list goes out the window.

  3. I think this is true! I’m balancing novel writing so the blog has to take a back seat and yet here I am! I like your idea of it being a reflection. If we aren’t looking into our soul anytime you are writing, it shows up in our work.
    Good to “see” you!

  4. I always take the spontaneous route, whatever I’ve been thinking about is processed and then ends up on the blog.

  5. Really helpful. I’m just starting a blog so good to know I need to guard against becoming disinterested and find way to keep myself engaged

  6. This is a great post! I usually keep a list of ideas which I look at when I have nothing to write about at the moment.

    I think it is so important to make sure the blog is a reflection of my position in life but sometimes its hard to know if someone will read it.

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