50-Word Stories #2 – The Wedding

woman wedding back

On her wedding day she woke up with a great pimple on the tip of her nose.

She stared in the mirror dismayed.

“Such misfortune!” she whimpered.

She tried to hide it, but nothing worked. She took off her dress and wept.

“Mom!” she cried. “We must postpone the wedding!”

Some of you may remember that a while back I used to publish 50-word stories. Here is a selection of some of my best. I also gathered them in a book – grab it on Amazon.uk or Amazon.us.

3 thoughts on “50-Word Stories #2 – The Wedding

  1. I think this is hilarious. I don’t know if it supposed to be sad, but I laughed my socks off reading this. I think it was the surprise at the end, and all because of a pimple. Lovely and unexpected read 🙂

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