10 Great Book Covers

You enter a library full of books: fiction, non-fiction, novels, classics, hardbacks, paperbacks, and what not. You have no idea what book you will take home with you. Until you look at the covers, that is. Here are some amazing book cover designs that are hard to resist.

(Tap on any image to enlarge it!)


Do you like these covers? Which is your favorite?

14 thoughts on “10 Great Book Covers

    1. I’m glad my mind wasn’t the only one that was going that route, but it turns out we are correct. It’s a book about a woman who has an affair as an escape from her unfulfilled marriage to her 2nd husband.

      I think that in itself points out that a picture tells a thousand words and covers have the ability to not only entice a potential reader into opening the book but also give way to inferring what the book could potentially be about.

  1. Benjamin Button and the one with the quotes for eyes. I actually have the Liberal Fascism book. Isn’t that a great cover? I pick up books specifically for their cover half the times. Most of the times I don’t like the book, but the cover… Oh the wonderful covers. 🙂

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