50-Word Tales #110

Woman with folded hands painting

While surfing the web one late night, she found her dream job. She applied hastily and then went to bed full of hope.

Next morning, the first thing she did was reread her application. It contained 6 typos and 7 grammatical mistakes.

She turned pale.

She was an English teacher.

28 thoughts on “50-Word Tales #110

          1. Haha! I’m sure it has. But I tend to be a bit smarter than a lot of the guys I’ve dated; so I doubt many of my missteps were ever noticed!

  1. I once applied for a job, and after submitting my CV. I went back home to find two versions of my resume – one which has the status set to “married with three children”. I am aware that writing a CV at 4 AM isn’t the best thing to do. But married with three children? I am an 18 year old college student. D:

    I am still not sure if the version they have now has the right status or the wrong one. It’s awkward either way.

      1. I have a feeling that I accidentally copied that from my mother’s CV. She gave me hers to use it as a sample, and I was editing it and adding my own information in the same document. After I was done, I copy-pasted the sections I’d edited into a new MW doc and added more things. I guess that was my mistake. (It’s mixed up and perhaps doesn’t make much sense. Haha).

  2. I *hate* it when I look back at something I’ve written and find a typo or grammatical error (usually spelling). Me? An English major. Of all people. That is when I hate myself most… Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often.

  3. I found a typo on/in? a CV I sent of last week Friday I wanted to weep. My grammar and spelling are horrible though. I blame my Accounting Degree.

  4. wow, remind me to triple check b4 sending that mail. Poor her,

    Nice one.

    following your footsteps and writing my own fifty word stories. Thanks Vincent.

  5. As an English major, this has got to be the best way to achieve that sinking feeling in your stomach. It’s the only time you had to write everything out on paper so you could use white out!

  6. after reading the short anecdote, suddenly a memory flashed….when I was a fresher, I randomly applied to jobs and one day a funny thing happened that I sent my application without my resume and a covering letter mentioning another agency’s name… later the person wrote to me showing my faults, I was shocked and sad….

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