When Your Life Feels Too Short

"Life is so short," you hear people say. "It passes like a dream. It seems that only yesterday I was a kid." I disagree. Life is not short, not unless we let our mind make it so. I am only 26 years old, but I have lived a great deal already. I would like to … Continue reading When Your Life Feels Too Short

The “I don’t have time” excuse 

There are days when I don't write enough. Or spend enough time with the people I care about. Or do the things I want to do. On those days, I go to bed feeling disappointed, maybe even miserable.  "If I only had more time..." a voice in my head tells me. But even as I … Continue reading The “I don’t have time” excuse 

A Question of Time

Twenty-four hours in a day: Not one, not two, but twenty-four. Take away sleep hours and eating hours, And there should still be enough hours left For me to do the things I have, I want, I must, I dream to do. Yet no matter how well I plan my day, No matter what careful … Continue reading A Question of Time