Sweet Friends, I Have Returned From My Literary Adventures

The last two weeks have been glorious. The ride on the cloud was joyful, the view picturesque, the companions wonderful. Things would have been even better if during the second week of the cloud ride my left tonsil would have not tried to sabotage my happiness by assuming the appearance of a ripe cherry, but all is good – I can still kiss as well as any man.

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A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #20

VegetablesThe flower ate the sunlight. The grasshopper ate the flower. The toad ate the grasshopper. The snake ate the toad. The hawk ate the snake. The hawk broke his wing. The rat ate him. The pig ate the rat. Michelle did not eat the pig because she was a vegetarian.

A 50-Word Story a Day Keeps the Boredom Away #19

Loch ness monsterRenata and Miguel went on holiday to Scotland. After they visited the castles and heard the bagpipes, they went to see a loch. They sat on the bank, held hands, and dipped their feet in the tepid water. Suddenly, Renata pointed at something in the lake: ‘Wow! Look at that!’