The Joy of Eating Well

We can eat because we have to, or we can make eating a daily celebration of life. I'm thin, so most people don't even guess how much I enjoy eating. We eat because we need energy for our favorite activities, or because we want to lose weight or build muscle faster. We eat because we're … Continue reading The Joy of Eating Well

The Mindful Buyer’s Supermarket Guide

Shopping is a tiny but important thing, one we often rush through without much consideration to its impact on our life. Those ten minutes we spend every other day in a supermarket can decide not only our long-term health, but the future of our planet. Here's how to go about shopping in a mindful way. … Continue reading The Mindful Buyer’s Supermarket Guide

Not There, But Here; Not Soon, But Now

For many years, I thought that I could be happy only if I did such and such a thing, or met such and such a person, or lived in such and such a place. Naturally, happiness was never where I was, but somewhere “over there”, and if sometimes I did manage to get “over there”, … Continue reading Not There, But Here; Not Soon, But Now