The Mindful Buyer’s Supermarket Guide


Shopping is a tiny but important thing, one we often rush through without much consideration to its impact on our life. Those ten minutes we spend every other day in a supermarket can decide not only our long-term health, but the future of our planet.

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The Pleasure of Cooking Your Own Food

onion pepper carrots food

Cooking my meals is one of the best parts of my day. I wouldn’t trade it for restaurant dishes or ready-made microwave treats.

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The Writer’s Diet

Woman eating

Athletes have healthy diets, and so should writers. Writing well gets easier when our belly is healthy and our brain and body are both well oiled. There’s a growing body of research that suggests we have a “second brain” in our gut, that the bacteria in there contributes a great deal to our physical and mental health, and that if it’s not taken care of, our whole body suffers. As writers, we should take that into account.

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