Do You Ever Think About Your Death?

Death Painting  by Fred Einaudi.
Painting by Fred Einaudi.

Do you? When it will come, how it will be like, whether you will suffer much? Or have you relegated it to a dark and forgotten corner of your mind, turning it into a vague possibility, something that is bound to occur sometime in the future but which until then should be of no concern to you?

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Old People Die So That Young People May Live

Premature burial

Grandfather died. Sunday he did not answer the phone, so Monday we paid him a visit. The apartment was locked (key left in the lock, a precaution against imaginary thieves) so we had to call the firemen and the police. They had to force the door open. His apartment smelled of old furniture and inaction, of rigid habits and dead grandmother’s forgotten smells. The TV was on.

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