About a Chaffinch

I was strolling barefoot through the garden Thinking about what to write to you this week When I came upon a fallen chaffinch, Under a withered rosebush. Had I not been minding my toes through the grass, I would have not seen it. Such are most men - tall enough not to look down as … Continue reading About a Chaffinch

Written In Passing

So what if instead of a post there is mostly silence? A photograph and silence, and just a few words only, to go with them. A few days ago I spoon-fed my grandfather soup with a teaspoon. It was a wonderful experience. And I hope that perhaps one day my grandson will spoon-fed me as … Continue reading Written In Passing

Do You Ever Think About Your Death?

Do you? When it will come, how it will be like, whether you will suffer much? Or have you relegated it to a dark and forgotten corner of your mind, turning it into a vague possibility, something that is bound to occur sometime in the future but which until then should be of no concern … Continue reading Do You Ever Think About Your Death?