Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation…

door opening blue wood

You know how that feels? Like I have to wait at your door in uncertain weather while you make up your mind whether to let me in or not. By the time you decide, I may be gone from your blog, gone from your life for good.

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Things Not Said (Or the “You” Within You)


There are things we can’t talk about with others. Not even with our friends and family. We may try, but we can’t. What do we do about them?

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Talking About Talking

Mouth to ear

One of the reasons I enjoy writing so much is that I can express myself better through writing than through speaking. I find it difficult to communicate with other people face to face or on the telephone, to express my thoughts and emotions, to make friends, to become close to others. I do not stammer or fall into a paralytic muteness, but my words never flow, and when they do come out, they seem jumbled, haphazard, incapable of conveying what I think and feel. They never seem to be the right words.

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