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Herastrau Park


Sunday I forsook the warm comfort of my attic and, dragging my weary body after me, ventured into Bucharest’s biggest park, Herastrau, which unfolds around the lake with the same name. It was a cold, clouded day, so there were scarcely any people around. Anyway, I’m far too shy and awkward to photograph people.

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Boy With A Camera

After the romantic misadventure with the blue-eyed nurse, I decided that spending another week alone at home would certainly bring me on the verge of madness. So I took a deep breath and smashed the piggybank upon the floor, and then collected my savings and purchased what I should have purchased a long time ago: a DSRL camera (to be more exact, a Nikon D3300). Now I have a good excuse to go out almost every day to photograph the world around me.

I know little to nothing about photography. Some of you are talented and experienced photographers – don’t blush, I know it’s true. Could you give me some tips please?

Here are my first tentative photos, taken in the neighbourhood…

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The Aftertaste of Sorrow

(Warning: I’m too depressed to bother about grammatical mistakes.)

Dear friends, in the last week or so I’ve turned from a romantic hero into an almost-maniac. Sometimes, out of too much enthusiasm, out of too much passion, out of too much love, we lose our heads and say and do foolish things, we become bad versions of ourselves, automatons that make mistake after mistake and hurt the people we care about. I plead guilty. Overwhelmed by enthusiasm, thinking I had finally found the complicity of a romantic friendship, I became too insistent with my visits to the clinic and said and did foolish things, and to conclude, the blue-eyed nurse now frowns upon me.

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