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I mean to say that I say what I don't mean.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday. My twenty-third. The problem with that is not that time passes too quickly, but that it passes at all. As one birthday succeeds another they lose their significance and gradually acquire fatalistic connotations. Another birthday, another milestone on the highway to Lady Death…

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Vain Wishes

(c) Andre Kohn

How I wish I could postpone tomorrow,

Forget yesterday,

And endlessly prolong today!

Like painters do,

I would trick the moon into hanging still in one corner of the sky,

And keep on you a beam of moonlight,

And again and again,

Like a sad tune on repeat,

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Letter to You

(c) Leonid Afremov

(c) Leonid Afremov

You and I share more than words and thoughts.

We live beneath a common sky

And drink the same air

And walk on the same ground,

And enjoy the same good old sun.

Different we are, I grant,

And if we’d ever meet,

We’re sure to contradict,

At least a little,

Especially if one of us is stubborn,

And the other mean,

But tell me now,

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