The Best Day Job For a Writer


Wait – being a writer of books is a job in itself, isn’t it? The fact of the matter is that many writers don’t make enough money from their books to live off their writing (comfortably enough at least), and the small percentage who do have had to work their way to the top. Most writers start with a day job of some kind. Famous writers have certainly had some interesting day jobs before their rise to fame…

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Do You Blog About It Or Write It Down In Your Diary?

Painting by Carl Larsson
(c) Carl Larsson

We sometimes blog not because we want to say something, but because we have to – there is anger or fear or joy or sorrow in us that wants to come out. For many of us blogging has become the most accessible medium for sharing with the world not only our thoughts and passions, but also personal experiences that are often troubling or embarrassing. Many a time, I have come upon blogs that are painful diaries of sorrow, misfortune, or abuse, often hidden behind smiling Gravatars or homepages painted in bright colors. And I felt compassion, as one often does, and also a quiet admiration, that people can share these things with strangers.

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11 Charming Photographs of Famous Authors

Leo Tolstoy telling his grandchildren a story.

We know them for their books, which have offered us glimpses into their lives, veiled it is true behind the fine fabrics of their fiction. And we know them through their biographies, too. But sometimes a photograph is worth indeed a thousand words… From Tolstoy to Hemigway, the lives of wonderful writers have been captured in memorable photographs…

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