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I mean to say that I say what I don't mean.

Letter to You

(c) Leonid Afremov

(c) Leonid Afremov

You and I share more than words and thoughts.

We live beneath a common sky

And drink the same air

And walk on the same ground,

And enjoy the same good old sun.

Different we are, I grant,

And if we’d ever meet,

We’re sure to contradict,

At least a little,

Especially if one of us is stubborn,

And the other mean,

But tell me now,

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The Joy of Walking

Walking Man by Victor Bauer

(c) Victor Bauer

Is there a more pleasant, refreshing, healthy, and philosophical activity than walking? Most of us take walking for granted, doing it because we have to, as a means to an end: to reach the grocery shop across the street, to lose weight, or to take the dog out. But is it not a delightful activity in itself, worth pursing for the simple pleasures it brings, such as the fresh breaths of air, the sounds, images, smells, and sensations of nature and of civilization, the opportunity to observe people from different backgrounds in all manner of situations, of being closer to nature?

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Lessons Learned

Drifting Into A Dream By Helenka Wierzbicki

(c) Drifting Into A Dream By Helenka Wierzbicki

If flowers teach us beauty,

Sunrise life,

Water thirst,

Noise silence,

And rain sorrow,

If clouds teach us hope,
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