Slowly, If You Please

(c) Kyle Walters

Tell me something I have not heard before.

Show me something beautiful.

Sing me songs.

Talk philosophy.

Buy me dinner, buy me a drink,

Buy me a present.

Take my hand,

Lead me to the bench under the trees.

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Hey, What’s Wrong With Idleness?


“What kind of man will feel depressed at being idle? There is nothing finer than to be alone with nothing to distract you,” said Kenko, a Japanese monk, in the 14th century. Well, I am not sure about you, curios reader, but I am one of those people depressed by the fear of idleness. When I find myself “not in action or at work”, the common definition of idleness, I am bothered by the vague feeling that my time is running out and that I could be spending it in a more productive way. So I usually end up doing something, anything, just so I won’t be idle anymore. But is idleness really bad?
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Nothing to Say

Silence Painting

When the world around me speaks,

I try to listen, I try to understand.

I don’t speak much, though,

I don’t have much to say,

Whether you ask me how was my day,

How am I feeling,

Or why I do this or that in this or that way.

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