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After Dark: With The Blue-Eyed Nurse In the Park

Park Painting

Many of our days are so much alike that they fade to forgetfulness without leaving a trace in our memory. It’s almost as if we’ve never lived them. But then there are some rare days that we never forget, happy accidents of fate which inspire us and upon which we will always look back with nostalgia. Tuesday evening was one such day for me.

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The Blue-Eyed Nurse and the Boy with the Umbrella

Under an umbrella painting

Friday evening I had to make a great effort not to die of happiness. Remember the blue-eyed nurse I’ve told you about in my last post? Well, after reading your comments and taking into account the results of the poll, Friday afternoon I summoned up my courage and dashed through the rain to the clinic under the pretext of getting printed my latest blood tests, though the true reason of my visit was to see her and bring her the story I had written about her. An ingenious, witty, innocent, and romantic story with her as the protagonist, which I decided was a more cautious present than the roses David had suggested and many of you sanctioned.

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Help! I’m In Love With a Nurse!

Painting of a nurse

Being sick has it’s advantages, you know, like seeing every week a playful twenty-six-year-old blue-eyed nurse. Lately I’ve made a habit of visiting the little clinic in my town to do blood tests, to exclude all infections before the doctors will let me do a lymph node biopsy. The idea was to do all tests – about eleven of them, including Epstein-Barr, Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasmosis, Hepatitis, and the like – on the same day (about a month ago) but enter the aforesaid nurse into the waiting room, and my medical strategy underwent a radical change, so much so that I’ve been returning to the clinic for tests once or twice a week, doing only two or three at a time, under the pretext of waiting for the results first before doing the remaining tests.

I’m excited when she pricks me and I must admit that one Tuesday when she was not there, I mumbled an excuse and went home without doing any tests at all.

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