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I mean to say that I say what I don't mean.

Talking About Talking

Mouth to ear

One of the reasons I enjoy writing so much is that I can express myself better through writing than through speaking. I find it difficult to communicate with other people face to face or on the telephone, to express my thoughts and emotions, to make friends, to become close to others. I do not stammer or fall into a paralytic muteness, but my words never flow, and when they do come out, they seem jumbled, haphazard, incapable of conveying what I think and feel. They never seem to be the right words.

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Willful Solitude

Most of the time I am alone and do not mind it. The silence, sweeter than any music, the sense of security, the low risk of anything out of the ordinary happening, the domestic comfort, I enjoy all of these, and often they help me attain a serenity that is so much different from the feeling of being distracted, scattered, out-of-focus that often overwhelms me when I am around people.

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What Are They Up To?


It’s Falling!

Falling building in Bucharest (really)


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