A Postcard from Peles

It's that time of the year when I visit castles. At Peles, they have everything - a retractable glass roof, a playhouse, a Moorish saloon, a Turkish parlor, a 19th-century heating system that's so good they never had to clean it, and the first modern toilets in the world. Together with Bran, Peles is one of … Continue reading A Postcard from Peles


View Over Brasov

A Day At Bran Castle

I enjoy travelling alone. You can go anywhere you like at your own pace, and if you want to stop and stare at some detail for ten minutes, nobody's going to tug at your arm and try to drag you in the opposite direction. Interacting with the people you meet along the way is easier, too. Last week I … Continue reading A Day At Bran Castle