On Not Thinking Too Much

thinker of hamagia

Sometimes I think too much. I don’t do it consciously. While my body is anchored in the physical reality of my surroundings, my thoughts cluster around something or someone like a squadron of flies and buzzes about it for hours on end. When I think too much, I am not quite myself. I dwell in … Continue reading On Not Thinking Too Much

Why It’s Good to Read Books You Don’t Necessarily Like

We tend to stick to reading books we enjoy—whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, a specific genre, or a particular author. No surprise since our mind likes patterns, predictable outcomes, familiar experiences over unfamiliar ones. But isn't it bad to read mostly the same things? The ideas we pick up from our reading consolidate our biases … Continue reading Why It’s Good to Read Books You Don’t Necessarily Like

The Perfectionist In Me

When I shop for fruits or vegetables, I pick them with excessive care. The perfectionist in me searches for those without blemish, perfect in shape, firm to the touch. I know, however, that this is a fundamentally wrong way to shop for food in a world where food waste is a problem. When I have … Continue reading The Perfectionist In Me