Laptops Versus Typewriters Versus Freewrite


As writers, we start with pen and paper, and then we move on to devices that help us write, revise, and edit faster. Our parents had typewriters; we have computers. Computers are, or at least seem to be, less wasteful than typewriters and have many useful features, but they also happen to have tiring and glaring screens, and distracting Internet connections, too. Now there’s a new device for writers that promises us the joy of a typewriter-like keyboard without the distractions of a computer, and without depriving us of the convenience of paperless, digital documents – the Freewrite Smart Typewriter.

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Reflections On a Screen Scratch Drama (Or There Is a Crack In Everything. That’s How the Light Gets In.)

kindle paperwhite screen

Last week, on a quiet evening, I discovered a small, bright scratch on the screen of my beloved reading companion Touchy, an electronic delight of the Kindle Paperwhite variety, for I categorically refuse to consider it a mere inanimate object. This small, lightweight, nice-to-hold electronic delight with its beautifully illuminated screen has brought me much joy over the past two years, transporting me to many different worlds and into many different lives, and has given wings to my thoughts and stirred in me most agreeable emotions.

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Should a Writer Buy an E-Book Reader?

Woman reading

You won’t find the answer in the first paragraph, I am afraid.

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