The Solitude of Being a Writer

Man playing the piano in solitude

If you hate solitude, you probably have no business trying to write for a living. You’ll end up hating writing. And you’ll make yourself and others miserable in the process. Writing is, for the most part, a solitary endeavor. It doesn’t matter whether you write online content, copy for an advertising agency, poetry, or novels. … Continue reading The Solitude of Being a Writer

The Writing Life – Between Solitude and Loneliness

Writing is for many of us a solitary endeavor, one we undertake in a quiet room behind a closed door. But that doesn’t have to make it a lonely business, a separation from people and the world, not even if we spend hours in a room every day. When you write, you can only look … Continue reading The Writing Life – Between Solitude and Loneliness

Reflections On Solitude

Solitude has always been my companion through life. People came and went, but solitude stayed. I don’t mean the solitude of loneliness, but rather the solitude of the spirit, which may well exist even when we are surrounded by others, even when we share a bed with someone. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to … Continue reading Reflections On Solitude