50 Word Stories #1 – The Book

“You pick up a book, and you read, and it makes you feel better,” he said, handing her a book. “It’s that easy.” “But then sometimes you find between the pages a dried rose that turns to powder at touch, and you cry,” she sighed. “It’s called poetry, you know.” Some of you may remember … Continue reading 50 Word Stories #1 – The Book

50-Word Tales Special: Jessica

Jessica and the boy with a hat were sitting on a bench, counting planes. ‘231!’ said Jessica. ‘232!’ said the boy. They carried on like that until he said: ‘Look Jessica look, a heart-shaped cloud!’ He pointed his finger at it. ‘Quite so!’ said Jessica, throwing him a sidelong glance. Related articles A 50-Word Story … Continue reading 50-Word Tales Special: Jessica