On Reading Every Day

woman reading in the evening in darkly lit room painting

Reading, not because we have to, but because we want to, is one of life’s pleasures. Maybe you’ve noticed this too: people who read often live more deeply and are nicer to be with than those who quit reading after finishing school. Nihilistics excluded. There are more things out there for us to read than … Continue reading On Reading Every Day

How Books Choose Us—Sometimes At Least

open book on table next to coffee cup and vase of flowers with a stack of books to the left, blurry and overexposed photo

We like to think that we choose the books we read. That we pick them from bestseller lists or grab them off the shelf based on friend’s recommendations. But is that really so? I like to enter bookstores and glance at the bestsellers and new arrivals. I like also to look at the classics lining … Continue reading How Books Choose Us—Sometimes At Least

15 Great Books That Can Change the Way You Live and Think

  Next time you find yourself before a wall of books in a bookshop or library choose one of the titles on this list. You won't regret it.  I have read all of these books and I dare say they have made me a better person. Weaving beautiful narratives with life-affirming truths, these titles distill … Continue reading 15 Great Books That Can Change the Way You Live and Think