In Praise of Water

It’s everywhere around us. It takes the shape of everything it surrounds. It flows and it freezes and it rains and it snows. It’s so common that we don’t mind spilling it. Or letting it flow from the tap while we soap our hands or brush our teeth. And once we wash in it, we … Continue reading In Praise of Water

How to Make More Time

The Birth of Time Painting Alex Levin

Time is not something that we have. It’s something that we make. Unless we look at it this way, we may never have enough time for the things we want to have enough time for. Making time is an art and it takes a lifetime to master it. The trouble is that by the time … Continue reading How to Make More Time

About the Small Things

boy drinking water detail

Brushing teeth. Drinking a glass of water. Washing hands. Making a pot of soup. Life is made of small things like these. Isn’t it a pity to perform them mechanically, thinking of other things? To do them just because we have to do them? For most of my life, I went on doing these things … Continue reading About the Small Things