On Giving Something Back

Inancienttimespeopleusedtowritewithoutspacesbetweenwords. Today we add pauses between our words - we make reading easy. There was a time when scribes copied books by hand, before the printing press was invented, when most people could not read or write. Today we can share our writing with a global audience in minutes. Isn't it then a pity not … Continue reading On Giving Something Back

In Praise of Routine

Routine isn't most people's favorite word. Many try to escape it any way they can. But can quality be achieved without the repetition and regularity that characterize routine? However tedious a routine may be, sometimes it's often preferable to the stress and disabling tension of not knowing what to do or how to do it. … Continue reading In Praise of Routine

On Accepting Our Writing

Quite often, the hardest part about writing something isn't the writing itself, but reading it after. Despite the effort and enthusiasm that went into it, it may feel not quite what we hoped it would be. You often read or hear about how some great writer or other rewrote a scene or chapter countless times, … Continue reading On Accepting Our Writing