Share Your Writing

Sharing your writing with others takes courage. You expose yourself to criticism. You show the vulnerable side of you. You speak up your mind in a way others may not agree with. You give up control. It can be frightening, but also liberating. People often tell me that they would like to start a blog, but … Continue reading Share Your Writing


As the years go by, we tend to develop different habitual modes: work mode, home mode, weekend mode, vacation mode, out mode, and even fun mode. Thoughts and emotions become actions, actions become habits, and habits all too often pile one upon another to become set routines or “habitual modes”. Even the most spontaneous people … Continue reading Newness

Cycling Through Life

There's something about the motion of a bicycle when it's on its way and the laughter of its wheels downslope that makes you wish you did nothing else all day. If you ever rode a bicycle, you know perfectly well what I mean. Like most kids I grew up on bicycles. Though I can't remember … Continue reading Cycling Through Life