Manoli’s Three-Legged Misadventures

Imagine my alarm Wednesday morning when, just as grandmother was about to go to the hospital for surgery, I saw Manoli hobble about on three legs. Manoli is an outside cat. He is free to climb fences, conquer roofs, and meet other cats as he pleases. If one day he shows up one ear lighter, … Continue reading Manoli’s Three-Legged Misadventures


It was about seven in the morning and my thermometer was burning steadily at around 39 °C. The sun seemed in no hurry to rise, and a certain gray, oppressive mood hung over this side of the world. I had to get up and take care of some little business that I had, and so … Continue reading Vertigo

Fever Time

For the past few days I’ve been smoking mercury cigars – my head has been ebbing and flowing with a fever. A cough has nestled in my chest and interrupts me when I speak. When you’re feverish, the bed calls to you. Promises you comfort. But while rest does soothe the feverish, I find that … Continue reading Fever Time