Writing As a Way to Relax

Reilee Bach Painting The Letter

When we are young, we are taught to write because writing is a useful skill to have in life. As we grow up, we continue to write because we have to—think of school or university. After we’re done with school, we may have to do some writing at work. Maybe we never like writing. Maybe … Continue reading Writing As a Way to Relax

Are You a Handwriter or a Typer?

Handwriting is like making love; typing, like having sex. It’s essentially the same enjoyable activity, but the approach is slightly different. When writing my story, I am both a handwriter and a typer. I handwrite first drafts, character sketches, and scenes. I also brainstorm ideas on paper. I type everything else. I handwrite early in … Continue reading Are You a Handwriter or a Typer?