An Unsigned Letter in Your Letterbox

The Letter, Painting by Elizabeth Crabtree

I know you. You like to keep to yourself. You like silence. You read every day. When you come across a word you don’t know you look it up. You often linger at the window.You make out the shapes of clouds. You like it when the wind combs the trees. You like it when it’s … Continue reading An Unsigned Letter in Your Letterbox

Sketch of a Boy

Look what a friend of mine sent me recently. She lives oceans away, but writing has that power to connect people. Thank you Kanika!

A Few Notes Concerning Friendship

Friendship is, on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the first item under the Love and Belonging category, just above the fundamental physiological and safety needs, and just below self-esteem and self-realization. Whether or not Maslow got it right is up for debate, but one thing’s clear – life without friends is a lonely vagabondage, which makes … Continue reading A Few Notes Concerning Friendship