Shapes of Clouds ☁️

When you look at the clouds, don’t you sometimes see shapes in them?

But are the shapes of clouds airy flights of fancy?

Or breezy reminders of how the brain finds shapes and patterns everywhere, inventing them if needed?

In the end, maybe the clouds are just a story of rain that we tell ourselves over and over again…

Sketch of a Boy


Look what a friend of mine sent me recently. She lives oceans away, but writing has that power to connect people. Thank you Kanika!

How Leonardo da Vinci’s Drawing Method Can Improve Our Writing

leonardo da vinci self portrait large wide

The epitome of the Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci was, among many other things, a masterful drafter. I believe his drawing method can inspire not only painters, illustrators, or cartoonists but also writers. It can help us write better.  Continue reading “How Leonardo da Vinci’s Drawing Method Can Improve Our Writing”