Why We Shouldn’t Question Another Person’s Religion

Religion is not stubborn ignorance in the face of science. Religion is a different way of understanding the world, of coping with our inescapable sufferings, with our unavoidable death, of establishing principles and values to guide us in life. While I am not particularly religious myself, I am bothered when intelligent people, usually of scientific … Continue reading Why We Shouldn’t Question Another Person’s Religion

The Quiet Joy of Mindfulness

Every day we have so many things to do and so many tasks to complete that it can be difficult for us to be mindful: to be aware of what we are doing and how we are doing it; to be present and awake; to attend to our own existence; to let ourselves be enveloped … Continue reading The Quiet Joy of Mindfulness

More, or Less?

Do we really need more than we already have to be happy? More love, more money, more knowledge, more unique experiences, more good memories, more esteem, more clothes, more food, more things, more of what we don’t have, more of everything? Is the pursuit of happiness nothing but a never-ending effort to accumulate more? I’m … Continue reading More, or Less?