Christmas Time

When I was a kid, I used to believe in Santa. Now that I have grown up, I don't anymore, but I still want to. Because now I need to make up the stories that back then I took for granted. Otherwise the world becomes too small and narrow, too snowless.  We need Christmas because … Continue reading Christmas Time

In Praise of Gift Wrapping

I enjoy wrapping and unwrapping gifts, and I especially enjoy watching unwrapped gifts lie untouched on the desk or under the Christmas tree, teasing my curiosity.  Who can say which gifts are the most precious? Those we receive unexpectedly? Those that come from afar? Those that need a long time to reach us, and for … Continue reading In Praise of Gift Wrapping

On How We Are Never Entirely Right About Something

During our lives we argue with many people about many things. We argue with our parents, with our friends, with our lovers. We argue even when we don't want to argue. In each of us there's an innate mechanism that reacts with "I'm right, you're wrong." Even when we are not right. Sometimes the "I'm … Continue reading On How We Are Never Entirely Right About Something