How to Spring-Clean Your Mind

Springtime is a good time for cleaning not only our houses, but also our minds. A clean mind is a better mind. 1 Tidy up your plans and hopes for this year. Label them on paper if you have to. Set goals. Turning them into reality will then become easier. 2 Empty your mind of … Continue reading How to Spring-Clean Your Mind

In Praise of Routine

Routine isn't most people's favorite word. Many try to escape it any way they can. But can quality be achieved without the repetition and regularity that characterize routine? However tedious a routine may be, sometimes it's often preferable to the stress and disabling tension of not knowing what to do or how to do it. … Continue reading In Praise of Routine

The Dangers of Working from Home

Working from home is great. It's convenient and enjoyable. It makes you feel smart. But it's also dangerous. I've been working from home for almost eight years now and I can say that the greatest benefit is also the greatest drawback -- comfort. Living comfortably is a good way to pass the time, and I'm … Continue reading The Dangers of Working from Home