Save the Hen!

I know it's been a while, but I am back and need your help. Someone dear recently gave me this chocolate hen. Isn't it pretty? But there's a problem... I don't want to eat it!!! I want to preserve it if possible and put it in a quiet place - under a glass covering if … Continue reading Save the Hen!

Young and Thrifty

In the world we live in there's always the temptation to buy sham happiness. I try to resist it. The yogurt we buy doesn't put on our face the happy smile of the model advertising it. The sports shoes on the billboard don't make us better runners. And even the latest bestseller from a familiar … Continue reading Young and Thrifty

Fever Time

For the past few days I’ve been smoking mercury cigars – my head has been ebbing and flowing with a fever. A cough has nestled in my chest and interrupts me when I speak. When you’re feverish, the bed calls to you. Promises you comfort. But while rest does soothe the feverish, I find that … Continue reading Fever Time