10 Best Boy with a Hat Paintings

The Torn Hat Thomas Sully

The word “best” in this title is, of course, subjective. What this gallery of a post features are some of my favorite boy with a hat paintings from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

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Summer in 19th Century Painting

If you have a moment, let us take a stroll through the world of painting and experience summer as the artists of the 19th century saw it, from Edouard Manet to Edward Charles Williams.

The following paintings all evoke summer in one way or other, even if summer was not necessarily their chief subject.

Some of them remind us that summer was not a season of ease for everyone. Others will make us wonder whether those hatted and parasoled women were not a little warm under their very proper dresses.

Step by step, picture by picture, let us begin.

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Do you have a favorite? Why?

Time, Our Mutual Foe

Woman walking in autumn original watercolor painting

Have you seen
a beautiful woman
rushing past you,
her hair waving goodbye,
her skirt flapping about her
like wings?
Was not time
doing her
a great injustice?
Was not time 
mocking you?
Time undressed her of you.
Time did to her
everything he wanted to.


Image: Original watercolor painting (c) AntigoniArtGallery