Sweetheart, Please Don’t Frown (Balcony Scene Involving Penniless Lad and Whimsy Lady)

Balcony Scene Painting

Sweetheart, please don’t frown!

The candy shop was closed,

The florist was away,

The dressmaker has not returned

From holiday,

The jeweller has left town,

The gift shop was out of stock,

And as to the flowers along the road

They were too sweet, too innocent for plucking.

But though my hands be empty,

I assure you my heart is replete with love for you.

Therefore, please put down that bucket of water

Which you so threateningly hold above my head,

Descend from your balcony,

Open your door,

And come out so we may practice moonlight kissing!

And do believe me when I say,

I bring you no worse a gift than myself.

What?! Another frown?

Fine, fine, I will admit,

Business hasn’t gone so well,

Wine prices have gone up,

And after taxes, debts, and fines were paid,

Nothing of my purse remained.

But what of that?

I repeat, my heart is replete…

Ahhh! How cold this midnight shower is!

20 thoughts on “Sweetheart, Please Don’t Frown (Balcony Scene Involving Penniless Lad and Whimsy Lady)

      1. You remembered. How nice. Thank you for asking. I am much improved. Four more days to go on the antibiotic.

        But the real question is: how are you feeling and doing with your health?

        I haven’t seen you write about it lately. I hope you are better and whatever it is has gone away or, at least, is not so serious as you initially thought.

        Please let us know.

        1. Thanks for asking Randy. I’m unpleasantly thin at present but otherwise I can’t say I feel bad. Tired of doctors and medical indifference. When I’ll feel sick I’ll just go to the hospital. For now, I just try to enjoy the comforts of modern living, and reading Buddhist philosophy, just in case…

          1. I’m glad to hear from you about your situation, however, I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling dissatisfied with medical treatment. If I could, I’d encourage you to continue pursuing medical attention despite your feelings about their interest levels. It is ultimately your health that matters – not their demeanor. Please take care of yourself. Act in your own best interest, and do not put off seeking help.


  1. You sure made me think of My Mr. Impeccable’s dooming blue eyes then kiss in the starlight. What else could there be at such a moment.

  2. Another poem to add to a future best-selling book perhaps! Your literacy skills are as brilliant as always. 🙂

    I haven’t been blogging much recently, and getting back into the blogging routine is harder than I thought! How are you, Vincentiu? How is your health at the moment?

    1. I am reasonably well but quite thin. I’m done with doctors for now, though. Not sure about the future but I like to believe that slowly I am giving up worrying and appreciating life more. How are you Daniel? How’s Ireland at this time of the year?

      1. I’m good! Life’s been great since I met Eve! 🙂 Ireland is surprisingly less rainy, but far more cold at the moment. I’m hoping there will be more snow like in December!

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