50-Word Tales Special: Jessica

Lonely Bench by Leonid Afremov

Jessica and the boy with a hat were sitting on a bench, counting planes.

‘231!’ said Jessica.

‘232!’ said the boy.

They carried on like that until he said:

‘Look Jessica look, a heart-shaped cloud!’

He pointed his finger at it.

‘Quite so!’ said Jessica, throwing him a sidelong glance.

16 thoughts on “50-Word Tales Special: Jessica

        1. Yes, he most certainly is! And very clever, too.

          Also, Jessica hopes you’ll forgive her. She just wrote a little note about you.

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    1. Haha!

      You get a big hug for that.

      It seemed to me that a well-dressed woman was waving a red handkerchief with white dots through a window… It was Julie!

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