If You Don’t Mind, I Would Like To Be Your…

by Vincent Mars

Woman On A Chair

To be alive and breathe and move

And eat and drink and speak

And read and write

Is mighty fine indeed,

But when I think of you,

I would prefer to be inanimate.

The tiny house wherein you live,

The pillow on which you dream,

The tub you bathe in,

The soapy sponge you rub

On your arms, your thighs, your other body-parts,

The towel that around your waspish waist you wrap,

The jeans and bra you wear,

The table at which you eat,

The spoon from which you sip,

The chair on which you sit,

Are not these inanimate things more alive

Than me?

Oh, would that I were your toothbrush, so you would kiss me thrice a day!


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